1st Conference Presentation at DSFD 2016 in Shenzhen, China

I recently attended the 25th International Conference on Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics in Shenzhen, China. Here I presented my work at a conference for the first time and was very nervous given the number of very knowledgable and well respected researchers in the field who were in attendance. I think the presentation went well and I was able to get over the nerves. Hopefully I’ll be able to improve in the conferences to come!

Away from my own work, it was really interesting and exciting to see the other methods and applications that researchers are using lattice Boltzmann for and there’s plenty of food for thought for future projects. The conference was excellently organised and I really enjoyed my time in Shenzhen. The conference banquet was hosted at the KK100 building, where the restaurant is on the 100th floor offering spectacular views of the city as well as fantastic food, and was one of the highlights of my time in China. I’m looking forward to returning to China sometime in the near future to see what else the country has to offer!

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